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About Us

American Research Thoughts is an international multidisciplinary academic journal, published in English, on a monthly basis. It covers multiple disciplines in the following fields of research: Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Sports Sciences, Computer Sciences, Health Sciences. It is published by KOGAION PUBLISHING CENTER, ROMANIA, EUROPEAN UNION. KOGAION PUBLISHING CENTER hosts 4 journals and publishes academic books, academic textbooks, Ph.D. theses, M.A. theses as well as conference proceedings.

Publication Name Discipline
KOGAION PUBLISHING CENTER KOGAION PUBLISHING CENTER Academic Books, Academic Textbooks, Ph.D. theses, M.A. theses, Conference Proceedings with ISBN number
EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH International Multidisciplinary Journal
AMERICAN RESEARCH THOUGHTS International Multidisciplinary Journal
ACADEMIC RESEARCH REVIEWS International Multidisciplinary Journal

The publication of research work from a diversity of disciplines makes American Research Thoughts an attractive and dynamic platform that brings together the latest discoveries and studies and starts a necessary interactive cooperation among scholars at a global level.

We believe in the necessity of immediately making visible the academic work of researchers, from a variety of academic and professional fields, so that their research results could have a significant relevance both at a theoretical and a pragmatic level. In a world that speeds up each and every second, keeping the pace with the latest global issues at any level of interest is, we believe, a duty both for the researchers as article writers and for the readers who benefit the former’s work.

Therefore, American Research Thoughts brings its contribution to the research world by facilitating the presence of the newest discoveries, perspectives and interpretations on an active, monthly publishing academic platform, in the form of an international multidisciplinary journal.

Authors are invited to send their valuable research manuscripts in .doc format to: or All submitted papers have to represent original, previously unpublished work and will undergo peer-reviewing prior to publication.